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Digital Forensics & Data Breach Investigation

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Advanced digital evidence analysis, data breach investigation, and related research and education. Challenging forensic questions deep technical knowledge combined with extensive experience focused on addressing difficult problems in digital forensic investigations. A focused, methodical approach to cyber incident investigation and remediation provides organizations with the strongest available support when recovering from a severe security incident. Forensic preparation and risk prevention - an organization that is prepared to detect and efficiently resolve a severe computer security incident can effectively minimize the impact on its business operations and reputation.

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Professional > Science and Research

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Digital Evidence & Computer Crime www.disclosedigital.com

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Advanced Digital Evidence Analysis, Smartphone Forensics, Digital Forensic Research & Development, Data Breach Investigation, Forensic Preparation, Risk Prevention, Related Education & Training

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Eoghan Casey is currently devoting his time to research related to digital forensics and incident response. Send inquiries to Eoghan at disclosedigital.com or via LinkedIn.

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